We trust only the best

We trust only the best

High demands can be met. With top quality

Truly optimal solutions can appear only when planning quality goes hand in hand with product quality. That is why we rely on manufacturers who develop products with great innovation, high quality standards and a clear customer focus that meet both our requirements and requirements of our customers.

Many successful projects and years of trustful cooperation prove that it is always worth working with the best. We are convinced of that.

Air curtain systems - made by Masterveil

Over 35 years of experience and a high degree of specialization make Masterveil a renowned provider of air curtain and humidity control systems. The Swedish-Belgian company with an international customer base develops cross-sector products for different purposes.

Masterveil offers air curtains for:

– cooling and deep freezing areas

– indoor and outdoor positions

– industry and retail

Quality in every way

Masterveil delivers highly specialized solutions, for example for deep-freeze areas that prevent heat and humidity from flowing in. The product portfolio also includes design solutions for demanding end customers.


High-speed doors – from Aliga-Tor and Troodon

The Aliga-Tor / Troodon group of companies manufactures highly effective high-speed doors for various purposes. The company, based in Melle near Osnabrück, develops and manufactures the innovative high-speed doors in-house according to the highest quality standards.

Aliga-Tor/Troodon offer high-speed doors for:

– deep -freezer areas up to -30 ° C

– food manufacturers and traders

– discounters

– industrial enterprises

– escape and emergency routes

Excellent innovation

The innovative power of Troodon Torsysteme GmbH has already been officially confirmed: The state of Lower Saxony awarded the company 2nd place for the EST high-speed door in the innovation competition “Research and development in the field of energy efficiency”.