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Separating climate zones
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High-speed doors and air curtains

It is not only sensible to separate warm and cold operating areas, but also economically necessary. It is important to apply reliable solutions between production and storage, between inside and outside, between manufacturing and the freezer zone.

It is important to find the perfect combination of maximum energy efficiency and an optimal workflow. VEOtec plans your solution to simply fit in perfectly with your company. Let yourself be convinced!

Our advantages

High-speed doors and air curtains


Functional climate zone separation must be viable and highly effective, and fit into your work environment. High-speed doors or air curtains minimize energy losses in transition areas.


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Two systems – maximum efficiency


The higher the temperature differences between two climate zones, the higher the energy losses when the doors open. The combination of two systems considerably minimizes energy costs without affecting the workflow.


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Consulting, planning and service


We’ll provide you with the full range of planning services, from technical planning to investment optimization. And we’ll stand with you when it comes to implementation.              


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the (climate zones) separation experts for every industry


Knowledge brings value only through experience. That’s why our consulting services are based on deep technical expertise and knowledge of the practical requirements in various industries. What’s beneficial for our customers in every respect.


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